Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle

When I first tell people what it is I do for a living I get a host of reactions. Many times it is “yeah I have a friend who does another martial art”. Sometimes it is Karate, Tae-Kwon-do, Hapkido, Akido … Continued

Tuesday 10-1-13

Tuesday 10-1-13 15 Mins to find 1 rep max deadlift (3-3-3-1-1-1) Then: Run 400M 50 Squats 3 Rounds Forged Fitness Kids Coach Matt Moretz wins GOLD in the 2013 No GI Pans held in NYC this past weekend. Congratulations to … Continued

Friday 9-20-13

Friday 9-20-13 Row 1000 30 slamballs 30 sit ups Row 800 30 Slamballs 30 Situps Row 600 30 Slamballs 30 Situps Row 400 30 Slamballs 30 Situps Emily and Lauren working on self defense during the fundamentals jiu-jitsu class.

Tuesday 9-17-13

Tuesday 9-17-13 Cp,mplete as many rounds in 20 Min of: Row 200M 10 Pullups 15 Sumo High Pulls 75lbs 20 Double Unders Some of the little Ninjas doing bear crawls during kids martial arts class. Don’t forget today is the … Continued